Max level saddles xbox pve service

Max level saddles xbox pve service

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
Brought to you by trusted trader Jota

Max saddles for your most important dinos!!

Please keep in mind this isa pre order service so we may take more than 24 to have your saddles ready due to the high amount of mats to craft them. Buy 5 get one free! 

124 saddles avalible:
-Megalosaur (level 100 saddle not 124)
-basilo (level 100 saddle)
-Yuti (level 100 saddle)
-tuso and mossa (level 100 saddle)
-mantis (level 100 saddle)
- wooly Rhino
-direbear (level 110 saddle)
-megaterium (level 100 saddle)
-Rock drake saddle (level 90 saddle not 124)

More will be added to the list soon