PS PvE Tek building service

PS PvE Tek building service

Brought to you by trusted trader Kyoumax

How does this work? You can buy all the tek you want here on this post and ill get it done for you.

Tek replicator 15$
Tek transmitter10$
Tek generator 6$
Tek teleporter 15$
Tek cloner 15$
 3 tek trough 7$
10 dedi boxes 15$
Full tek suit 15$

Structures x100
Tek foundation 15$
Tek ceilings 15$
Tek walls 15$
Tek dino gate set 2$
Tek behemoth set 10$

Please keep in mind that depending on how big the order is may take a day to get all the mats. 

Make sure that if your order is lets say 15$ you add this item 15 times to your cart so the price matches the ammount of tek you need. If you need something thats not on the list we can do too! Just give us a txt

PS PvE only, the purchases are final. We dont exchange items or refund if you buy the wrong ammount