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About Ark Sales

Hello Ark Survivors, we deliver straight to your server! Our delivery times are from 12-5 PM MST. We also deliver during other times for the people who work during that time, you just have to schedule a meet up time with them. Its also a good idea to get the A Membership if your'e going to be working during that time a lot. We don't require to deliver on the weekends but sometimes we do. We will message you through our chat, so make sure you're logged in. It also goes to your email on file. All Creatures Are Delivered In Cryopods!

If you have any more questions take a look at our FAQs.


Is This On Official Servers? Yes

How Long Does It Take For Delivery? We try to go as fast as possible. Normally An Hour Or So, If You Order When We Are Asleep, Then We Will Deliver When We Wake Up. Within 15 hours.

What's the Warehouse? Its our physical server where we have our dinos laying out for you to come see. Message us for more info.

Do they come with saddles? No, Unless stated on the listing or an option to add it to the cart.

Delivering & Returns

Delivering Policy

Return & Exchange Policy

We make deliveries daily 12PM-5PM. Weekends Are Random.

If you cant meet those times we can still deliver to you just know sometimes it cant be right away. We have lives outside of Ark :)

We hold the right for refunds. If you bought an item for the wrong platform or game mode then we will not refund you. We will give you a similar item on the right cluster.

We Hold The Rights To Refunds. 

We don't deal well with scammers. If you try to start a claim on an order that was delivered, We will come to your base and wipe you and take every dino you have.

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