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Get An Arksales Membership Today!

  • Dodo Prime

    Every month
    The Best Plan We Have
    • Be First To Get Delivered To. Put To The Top Of The List!
    • 50% Off Every Order
    • Free Seats Into Boss Fights
    • Make Special Delivery Requests
    • Delivery Priority
    • Free Random Dino With Every Order
  • PvP Unlimited Lives

    Every week
    Never Get Completely Wiped Again!
    • We Come Fix Your Base Up To Be The Best Defendable It Can Be
    • If You Get Raided, We Come Fix Everything Back Up
    • If You Get Raided, We Give You Some Dinos To Get Back Up
    • We Try To Give You Back Some Of The Dinos You Already Bought
    • Mentorship On How To Defend Best
    • We Could Come Help You Defend If We Are Available
    • Once A Week We Will Help You Raid (Non-Alphas)
    • Get 50% Off All Orders
  • Ascendant Plan

    Every month
    Our Biggest Plan
    • 60% Off Every Order
    • Free Boss Fight Seats For The Whole Tribe Once A Month
    • Make Special Delivery Requests
    • Priority Delivery
    • Mystery Free Dinos Given Every Order
    • Free Level Up To 105
    • Priority Membership
  • Mastercraft Plan

    Every month
    35% Off Every Order
    • Be Apart Of Our Mastercraft Gang!
    • Free Seats Into Island Boss Fights
    • 35% Off Every Order
    • Priority Delivery
  • JourneyMan Plan

    Every month
    Get 30% Off Every Order
    • Be A Part Of Our Apprentice Club!
    • 30% Off Every Order
    • Priority Delivery
  • Apprentice Plan

    Every month
    Get 25% Off every order.
    • Be Part Of Our Apprentice Cult!
    • 25% Off Every Order
    • Priority Delivery
  • Tribe Plan

    Every week
    Perfect For Your Whole Tribe!
    • Free Boss Fights For A Tribe Up To 4 Seats A Month!
    • 50% Off For You And Your Tribe!
    • Make Special Delivery Requests

    Every week
    Be Part Of Our Big Tribe
    • This membership is for official pvp players only!
    • Alot of defenses included! Builded in island icecave
    • Be part if a big tribe. Always have people online
    • Alot of raising areas
    • Enough of getting wiped. Get ur protection here!
    • Ur own personal rooms with pincodes
    • If we lose the fight. We try get everything safe to server
    • 30% discount on products for Official pvp!

Cancel Anytime!

After Purchasing A Membership Please Message The Site And Lets US Know!

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