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Hi fellow Ark'ers

So I have been playing ark for around 3 years, its been an emotional up and down game lol, started on PVP, would get gigas to 80% and have them killed so I made a brave jump and went to PVE which has been awesome.

How I started selling dinos was through word of mouth, I had been on a chat with some guys in a mega tribe and they where telling me about selling so I decided to give it a bash and well here I am a few months in. The reason I am selling at the moment is because I along with my family plan to immigrate, we currently stay in South Africa and would love to move to the UK. So far I have been able to sort out all the little bits of paperwork here and there to make it possible and its all thanks to arksales and all you awesome customers.

Thank you!

Hehe via your trusted trader Kim

Hehe via your trusted trader

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