The Beginning Of ArkSales

So some of you remember me before Arksales. I sold on a lot of different platforms. I gained a very big following since i was one of the people to start this kind of business. I grew and grew, people suggested i make a site like this and have my own platform. So then i made this site.

When i first started, it was only me. Then i brought in more sellers after carefully interviewing them. I wanted to make a place where people no longer had to worry about getting scammed, and now i have. The people i hired were to what i thought were good people. Most of them were, some of them just used me. But now i have a great loyal team. My sellers i have hired will never scam anyone. With us together we will try our hardest to provide a place where everything is here. It takes time.

I want to start making these blogs so new people and old people can understand how things are around here and get a history. Were all good people here. i look forward to making a new blog for you guys soon.

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